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Our world Before and After COVID19 Lockdown

I am sure every one of us has a personal different and exciting experience about the lockdown that the world over has experienced in the last few days. I am here to share my part with you, the last one month under lockdown has made me a better person, compassionate towards others and more aware of the world. My perception of many things has evolved and changed over this

past 30 days and this has happened for good or worse only time will tell us.

To keep the content of this article open and straightforward for the readers to build their perspective, I am just bringing forward the five most essential things. Firstly, something that we can and cannot live without and secondly, the things that matter to us now and does not matter to us anymore. I want to share my list with you all.

Five things we can live without:
1. Dinners in costly restaurants
2. Luxurious holidays
3. Guilty eating of junk food
4. Frequent online shopping
5. Expensive clothes and accessories

Five things we cannot live without:
1. Family and friends
2. Mental and physical well being
3. The internet
4. Smartphones
5. Entertainment

Five things that matter to us now:
1. Our self-hygiene
2. Safety & security of our family
3. Hygiene and cleanness of places we visit
4. Sustaining our source of income
5. Our environment

Five things that do not matter to us anymore:
1. Daily newspapers
2. A career with a fancy position in an MNC
3. Money that does not grow
4. News reporting on tv channels
5. Fancy cars

I do not claim that the view expressed represent any popular option; they are solely based on my personal experiences during the past 1month and shall vary from person to person. Through this article, I intend to inspire the readers for self-introspection and understand what has changed in their world Before and After Lockdown Covid19.

Ar Krushit Shah
Founder, Startupvapi Community.