Coffee Online 6.0,Challanges & Oppurtunity of Retail Industry

During this time of being self-quarantine We, Start-up Vapi have a super exciting week planned for you to be able to keep yourself in the learning process with an opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about 6 Different Industries in 6 Days from 20th April to 25th April 2020. The industries would be namely – Advertising, Financial Services, IT, Trading Services, Real Estate & Retail.

We invite you for COFFEE ONLINE an intriguing series of Live Group Discussions. It is an attempt by Startupvapi community to understand the various challenges entrepreneurs are encapsulated amidst COVID-19 lockdown and try to help them overcome it by enhancing their understanding of their own industry and an opportunity for cross-learning at the same time.

These Live Group Discussions will be conducted by inspiring entrepreneurs of startupvapi community who has hands-on experiences in their respective fields. It is the time for us to derive some meaningful learning from them & deploy it into our business in times to come.

The participating audience will get an opportunity to listen to this live event and also participate in it by giving suggestions and solutions for the challenges faced by the entrepreneurs at the end of the session.

Group Participants of Coffee online 6.0:

- Hitesh Desai
- Chirag Nisar
- Sahil Shah
- Vijay Jain
- Sangeeta Menon

Ar Krushit Shah

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