The Big Debate - Social & Economical Impact of Covid19 Pandemic on India

At the beginning of 2020, Covid19 pandemic hit us and has changed our world forever, we believe this or not but it has happened. The way we live socially and economically has also been altered due to the sudden lockdown we had to face which changed the pace of our lives.

Let us hear from our invited industry experts about their perspectives when they battle in a war of words to put forward their strong opinions on the positive and negative impacts of this pandemic on our social and economic front in an online debate.

The debate will follow with a round of audience questions, only the best and most relevant questions will be selected and answered by our panellists.

Day 1 Debate-
♦Mrs Lavanya Patel
(Clinical Psychologist & Life Coach)
♦Mr Parthiv Mehta
(Mehta Chemicals & Past VIA Secretary)

Day 2 Debate-
♦Mr Limesh Parekh
(Founder, Enjay IT Solution Ltd & Vlogger)
♦Mr Piyush Mehta
(Director, Kakaria Financial Services Ltd)

So stay tuned and catch this exciting live faceoff on startupvapi Facebook page!

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