What role Statup communities play to froster innovation?

Latest try to understand this with an example of a seed which is ready to germinate in the soil. Too much of water which we can relate here with Finance will make rotten it, and its scarcity will also kill the seed. Then what is the single most important factor which a seed needs beyond a perfect soil and moisture content? Any guesses? Yes, it is the optimum sunlight, and the startup communities in any City is that sunlight which will ensure that the disruptive seed of ideas into the minds of Aspiring entrepreneurs will germinate and one day see the daylight to become a business model.

There is no perfect formula to create these communities in a city. These communities survive on the concept of an ideal society where the sole purpose is to help each other by sharing information and knowledge required in the initial phase of the startup journey as founders.
Ideally, these communities should be prejudice-free and with no discrimination of age or gender. Then only one can ensure that all type of fishes can swim in this water without the fear of being attacked by a shark. Even if we have Ashfaq in the same water, it should be ready to collaborate with other fishes to create an ecosystem which should be sustainable and with the common mutual goal of growth for all.
The role of these communities should be to facilitate a free flow of information for the benefit of all founders. Ideally, they should invite motivational speakers who can share their knowledge organised networking events so that founders can interact with each other and provide a platform where people can openly share their failures. They should also provide an instrument through which the members can improve their interpersonal skills so that it could directly benefit the growth of their business.
I recommend all the startups and students who wish to to be a part of the start of the journey should join a community-based in their City or region for to ensure that they stay in this game and not lose motivation in the turbulent times to come.

I write this article with an experience of founding such a community called Startupvapi community in my city Vapi in South Gujarat which has successfully survived for three years and helped many entrepreneurs to grow and inspire new ideas. You can know our community on and Facebook page